April Fool's - Year #7


April 19, 2011 - Phoenix, AZ - Well another year has passed, another bill from GoDaddy for Domain Names :) - with the Five (5) sites premiered this year, that makes Twenty-Eight (28) 04/01 Web Sites in the last Seven (7) years.  As April Fool's eve approaches each year there is always lots of excitement & anticipation as midnight gets closer and closer.  I presume that lots of my 'Followers' are eagerly awaiting that email hitting their Inbox and seeing what Tom Foolery Scotto has come up with this year.


Scotto Bob Scotto - Web Designer 04/01The 2011 launch brought an awesome added twist - On 12/20/10 it was announced that Scotto was to be installed as Co-Regional Contact for Arizona.  Then a few weeks later it was announced that the annual Regional Summit hosted in San Francisco would be the weekend of 04/01/11.  How amazing  to launch the web sites from a Hotel Room in SF  and then go to the Summit activities and be there with my peers and get first-hand accolades; to actually see & hear people talk about the sites instead of just seeing World Maps of hits in the hours after launch. The pre-launch hype was palpable and I was not disappointed as I walked into the first break-out sessions of the day and was greeted by CHEERS and lots of folks coming over to say; "Dude, you have way to much time on your hands", before 2005 I never gave 04/01 much thought but you give me reason to believe."


In the end I get a kick out of the Burning Man Parody thing, coming up with the domain names and the creative outlet that is web design. I hope you have enjoyed the 2011 sites as much as I did in creating them. Yes, you can count on another round of April Fool's web sites, ala Scotto in 2012; which if the Mayan Calendar is correct may be the last installment of 04/01 shenanigans.


'Burning Man will change your life...You just do not know how yet'

'Everything you take to Burning Man including yourself will never be the same'