That was fabulous. We signed up for everything !!!
My order for vegetarian omelet's with shredded office-file-browns did not go through. - ScottoBobScotto: Each year, I try one of your fine services, and (each year!) the order gets mixed up. Not only that, but some woman in Arizona keeps using my credit card number to order turkeys.
No sense in pretending anymore
LOL! very cute
Well I already know someone who actually bought a ride on a art car. So some of this is really not all that far fetched. I also know a camp that has a caterer come in and cook all their meals. So April fools?
How does this fit with gifting economy rules?
ROTFLMFAO! Now you can all explain finer points of the principals at Interfuse. I'm ready for it. Thank you everyone. I'm good now.
Cute, Scotto! If I wasn't in pain from ski injuries I'd be ROFL. Thanks for the BIG smiles :-)
Well done, Scott. Best BM prank since BurnerCon a few years back. You really had me going there for a minute. The give away was the customer service lines open from 3:59 to 4:19. Nice touch!
Gayyyyy !! No profits right ?
Yay! I was hoping to hear from you today!
April fools to you too Scotto! Nice try, but you can only fool me once sucker, wait, maybe I am the sucker. Hehe! Big hugs buddy!
Nice to see you up to your old tricks. Thanks for the first laugh of the day.
I was checking out your website and it looks great. I was wondering if you had more info on pricing. I’m thinking about having a camp breakfast, and a dinner before the burn. I like the offerings on your menu and it sure would make things easier for me as this is my first burn.

Can hardly wait to hear from you!
This is going to change my whole view of the event
Can I hire Center Camp Catering to feed me for an entire week? I expect breakfast in bed and a six course meal for dinner, all week. Will you please also send me a price list?
Still, the oxygen bar sounds pretty cool. I guess I'll have to start carrying money around on the playa now...
money on the playa Na, I think they ought to bargain with virgins, much rarer resource on the playa. At the risk of spoiling the ending, this is being sent on
4 /1/11, April Fools day!!
The addition of a "bland" option is a great touch :)
HAHAHAHAHA! Thank you.
Somebody needs to warn Burning Man about this! I'm outraged, Melissas on the phone right now.
You obviously haven't been drinking enough Kool-Aid lately. The hat can do no wrong.
The Center Camp cafe now serving food was the last straw. I am hearing rumors that the company doing the catering is a subsidiary of the Koch brothers - whose money is flaming the fires of the Tea Party movement, thereby stealing away from the grass rootedness of the noble party.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. this virgins not getting taken in!
You forgot the underground complex ... I know the link (much like the entrance) is around here somewhere!
Well played, mad props........
Best April Fools joke I've seen so far today!
I like it that among all the various fruit-flavored oxygen varieties at the Oxygen Bar, there is also "Playa" flavor
Yup, you can see a lot of work went into it, but Googling "helvetica" is pretty cool too.
Damn...I shoulda read the posts first...I'm so gullable...
Friends, Black Rock Citizens, Jumpers of the Trash Fence, lend me your ears. I come here not to praise the Man, but to burn him. Whoops, wrong services.
Then I want my money back.
That's it. BM just jumped the shark. I'm tearing up my ticket tonight and I'll ceremoniously toss the scraps into the embers of Saguaro Man. With those scraps I will lose a festival that has been dear to me for many years, but all good things must come to an end. Ce' la vie.
Please tell me this is not real or I will roll over and ask the Mayans to step up and fast forward the end of this world as we know it
Did anyone happened to notice that it is April Fools day?
It's a joke, right? - Seriously?! WTF
LOL...I am dying....thank you Scotto : )
All of that stuff is awesome, but what I really want is trash pickup. When do we get trash pickup?
Good ones, Scott!
I doubt it... take a look at the BMORG home page... they now have flash banners advertising Tronjanz, Home Depot and a few other "commodities"....
looks real to me.
I love the fact that someone actually register these URLS and build basic sites to mirror their intentions
Why not just start selling food on the playa
You have way too much time on your hands for sure.
Very very well done :) The attention to detail and working links is great! I had to submit an order just to see what would happen :) I've forwarded it along to few other folks that would appreciate the services being offered :)

It took me a while to catch on. It wasn't until I read the disclaimer on the Playa By Fire website that I realized I'd been had.

Take Care and thanks for the laugh :)
Oh shit I just got it.....
Thanks Scotto - I have shared these websites of gloom and doom with my campmates... who are also outraged. I fear many others will tear up their tickets in protest. We should picket Larry's HQ. I think I may take some time off from work and drive up to SF. If we leave today, April 1, I should be able to get back by April 3rd.
April fool - Bumbling IDIOT!!!
Did I miss a cultural change?
Happy April Fool's Day to you. Note that I replied to you privately, so you may catch some people with this one.... heeeee!
Hilarious. Someone went through a lot of effort to put up this site. Its an April fool's joke, of course.
*snort* I call shenanigans! You think I don't know what day it is?
Well Done!
You should read things more carefully :)
Wow, really? I guess big camps need these services, it is a lot of work....hmmm maybe we could use some of these services.
or does "at a price you can afford" mean that it's free?
Take notice of the date there happens every year on this day
I heard the burn is going commercial this year..... what's the story this year?...Oh yeah. And gigsvile has fire wood delivered too.
seriously though good April fools joke scott. ...
Man, every year BM compromises its Ten Principles more and more! I can't believe they're allowing all this commercialism on the playa!!! Somebody should tell Larrie Harvie about it! If he doesn't already know!!! He's probably making money off these!
Look even a Home Depot! Wow now I can buy everything I need to build a hexiyert, get a cheeseburger and next year I hear you can get power and running water at your camp for a small fee.
Anyone looked at the calendar today?
you missed the theme camp for sale on eBay. I was going to link it but can't find it. Maybe it was taken down or sold. Coulda been a joke too.
Embrace your principles! Especially the one (whichever it is) that says we will have fun! Tomorrow is another day.....
Someone please tell me this is not real!
I am a newbee, desperately wanting to embrace the principals but I suddenly feel my idealistic view of Burning Man being rapidly deflated.
Call me naive. I am shocked. I might understand the necessity of selling gas at inflated prices but everything else goes against the principal of decommodification. Is Burning Man only APPROVED commercialization?
Is it "cheating"? I suppose it depends on perspective.
such elaborate websites for these April fool's jokes... the one to posted took a while to setup.
I wonder if that amount of time is spent on other ventures...
This year there are going to be some changes at Burning Man. Center Camp will be doing catering, among other changes. Keep an eye out for the Jack Rabbit!
Wow! I heard its really dusty there too. That must be hell on the guys who work the food court. I guess this means m crack stand is a go ahead now. ...and I have a bridge i want to sell!